Domestic Violence: Let’s do what works to reduce the rate of domestic violence.

  • Keep trying prevention programs, scale up the most promising ones, and study how well they work.
  • As with everything in Government, make penalties firm and consistent.
  • Invest in support services, make it safer and easier for those seeking helping to connect with resources.
  • Review how our family courts handle domestic violence cases. Let’s make sure the judges and experts have specific training in handling domestic violence cases. Making a compromise rather than decided whether abuse has taken place, should NOT be how domestic violence cases go.

Mental health issues should not land you in jail. People who struggle with mental health issues deserve support from the community not harsh punishments by the court system.

I have a degree in Health and Human Services and spent several years volunteering for hospice. When we talk about crime and homelessness, we must talk about health and human services.

What I learned while volunteering for a Hospice Center:

  • Deep understanding of pain and discomfort
  • We all want to prevent and relieve suffering
  • Empathy, compassion, and dignity for all

When the public and private sectors are working in concert to improve the lives of all people, especially those most vulnerable – we all win.
Properly supporting the groups doing the work (whether it is the Department of Health and Human Services, BISAC [Big Island Substance Abuse Council], or the Hawaii Island HIV/AIDS Foundation) will have a positive ripple effect throughout our County.