Tourism is the reason we are the second most vulnerable area in the union after Las Vegas, but unlike Las Vegas, we can build and grow our economy so that if and when tourism ever comes back(which it will to a degree), our island economy will be twice what it was before COVID-19.

I would take the money that other candidates would likely spend to bring back tourism, and invest it in sustainable agriculture and small businesses.

Small business and labor opportunities for everyone, not just the big guys. If we continue our elitist ways it is a recipe for disaster. All the top Hawaii economists say tourism will not be revived for four to five years at the minimum. We cannot and should not wait.

To diversify, first we are going to help grow local agriculture and the county will provide manned certified kitchens/food preparation areas available with someone educated on site to ensure the cleaning and preparation is adequate to ensure that local produce is safe.

The fishermen and small ranchers alike will be able to use the kitchens and processing areas as well for their products. Everyone makes money, the farmers, ranchers and fishermen keep more of of their money, and residents get fresher locally grown and processed food.