Aloha, I was born in Las Vegas and moved to the Big Island in the 70’s when I was 20 years old. I’m a fourth generation mason, my father and grandfather built the Hoover Dam. My father was an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and flew 26 successful missions over Germany. After the Airforce, he became a policeman in L.A. and Las Vegas, where he famously brought down multiple corrupt police departments. (There was a movie made about his work, called Shakedown on Sunset Strip.) He later worked for the FBI. My mother and grandmother were also police officers.

Growing up I immersed myself in athletics; track, shot put, discus, wrestling, and boxing. In 1969, I was Las Vegas golden glove boxing champion. In 1974, I became a tri-state, (Utah, California, and Las Vegas) wrestling champion. After high school, I worked as a professional mover and mason. I came to the Big Island upon the suggestion of my father, where he said I would fit in better.

Because I was an athlete I sustained several chronic injuries and I discovered the healing benefits of cannabis personally. In following the State’s medical cannabis program in 2000, I became aware of the many flaws of the inner workings of our legislative and judicial branches of government, and how they systematically persecute medical cannabis patients. I started a support group for medical cannabis patients (Alternative Pain Management Pu’uhonua Collective) and became a long time medical cannabis advocate. 

Advocating for food security and native rights, we walk the talk on our small family farm in Mountain View. Working as a mason, I married and raised my family of four children in Fern Acres, Mt. View. I raised four great kids who, I feel, have been a positive influence on the community and I’m deeply appreciative of the Big Island and how it not only gave me a fulfilling life, but my children as well. I want to give back to the Big Island and help fix some of the serious problems that we’re facing like; homelessness, drug abuse, corruption, and an inefficient government, to name a few. I want the judicial system to stop abusing the mentally ill and most vulnerable. And I want the government to use our tax money more effectively and efficiently.

As a small business owner, I have always supported a strong vibrant economy and the business owners that work tirelessly to make our island economy thrive.