Mike Ruggles for Mayor

You are the reason we will bring sustainable health, water, food and energy to Hawaiʻi Island. From Kapaau to Kau we will bring trust and cooperation back into our communities. Now is the time for island thinking. Let’s refocus on what our communities need as though our lives depended on living together sustainably.

Criminal Justice

Let’s rebuild the police-public relationship and encourage a culture of transparency. Refocus our resources and energy on the protection of all...

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Housing and Homelessness is an issue in Hawaiʻi. Many other areas are experiencing similar circumstances.  We want to work within our...

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Elections are Opportunities

Ready to Act

I believe in the value of community engagement. Diversity accelerates new ideas while aloha aina provides a rock solid foundation for facing future. Let's move forward together.

Create Solid Solutions

From looking to solar and hydrogen energy in order to divest from fossil fuel to turning to compassion to re-imagine a better criminal justice system, we must review what exists and allow successful systems to thrive.

Community Focus

We will listen, learn and take informed actions. Local community boards will inform decisions within communities. Informed decisions will be made with help from local experts and experienced professionals, and with those impacted the MOST as the central voice.


After 40 years of living on the Big Island the time has come. I want to serve everyone in Hawaiʻi County as your next Mayor. 

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